These are the countries we have connected with this year!
Some of these connections are also documented with Around the World in 80 Schools which helped us get started.
We also used this site to help us with the different time zones.

Italia/Italy-Milan (Eurpoa)
Tech Club/Nina Tool (Designer)
5310 millas/8546 KM
Compared the language of Spanish, English, Italian. Lots of similarities between Italian and Spanish.
EEUU/USA-Summit Cove, Colorado (CO)
2nd Grade/5th Grade Spanish Class
10 millas/16 KM
We shared questions and answers over the book Pobre Ana. Kids had a great time!
Turquea/Turkey, Istanbul(Eurpoa)
4th grade ELA/Lucy and her daughters
6519 millas
More about our conversations
with Turkey.
EEUU/USA-Hershey, Nebraska (NE)
2nd /12th Grade Spanish Class
315 millas/505 KM
We learned that Nebraska has lots of "lagos" and that's where most kids ski. Seniors told a story in Spanish and our kids acted it out. ¡Lo hicieron muy bien! Lastly, Luke showed them some of his moves on the dance floor.
3rd/2nd grade/Claudio(English Teacher)
6025 millas
Claudio taught us so much! We worked on weather, talked about climbing and the mountains, and shared songs. We also learned what a "polera" is, how to say toothbrush (cepillo de dientes) and what kids do when they lose a tooth.

Lauren hablando con Claudio en Chile

Escazú, Costa Rica
4th graders with 4th grade at Country Day School
2049 millas/3298 KM

Establishing a relationship with a class in Cost Rica. We will work with them all year long.
Our Wiki
East Coast of the United States
Friend from Argentina/4th grade
We needed to know how people greet each other (un beso o dos) in Argentina. The answer is one kiss thanks to the help of Marcela.
Africa, Tanzania, Dar es-Salaam
Spanish Teacher/Tech Club and 2nd grade
9291 millas

We learned about the many types of leaves
elephants eat, the wildebeest habitat and a lot
about safaris in Africa. We shared our stories.