Welcome to this iFLT session on Voicethread.

1. Classroom Examples
  1. Third Grade Story Example
  2. Second Grade Story Example
  3. Communicating with our Amigos in Costa Rica
  4. Practicing Mandarin
  5. Teacher Example with foods

2. Comment on existing Voicethreads
  1. Go to Voicethread
  2. Register or Sign-In
  3. Ask for educator's Account

3. Create your own
  1. Click Create
  2. Upload three photos from (My Computer, flickr, facebook or the New York Public Library)
  3. Click Add Title and Description
  4. Add your comments (record voice, text, webcam)
  5. Try the doodling tool that appears (color dots) when you start to comment.
  6. Review Publishing Options (moderate comments)
  7. Share link or Embed in another website or wiki

4. Brainstorm additional uses for language classes

5. Resources
  1. Tutorials
  2. Educational Uses of Voicethread Wiki
  3. Creative Commons Images for classroom use
  4. More safe images here
  5. Other Voicethread presentations